Concrete Oversites and Reinforced Concrete Rafts

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A sturdy base is essential for any structural work that is scheduled to take place, it cements the way for the whole structure and if the first steps are wrong, it will only lead on to more problems in the near future. A concrete oversite is a layer of concrete that gets laid underneath the flooring or a slab, to prevent the ground beneath from being disturbed, this also allows it to block out moisture and air from the ground beneath in order to provide a hard but level surface for new flooring to then be laid.

Reinforced concrete rafts are another version of foundations. They are a large concrete slab, which can support multiple columns and walls. In preparation for the new structure, the slab is spread out underneath the whole building, which enables us to lower the contact pressure compared to the more traditional method of strip or trench footings.

Raft foundations tend to be used when the strata is unstable. They are used in construction of commercials buildings than for domestic homes. Concrete oversites tend to be used for domestic homes, but as with regular foundations, the type all depends on the stability of the structure and what lies beneath it.

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