Flood Defence and Soakaways

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As an independent company, we provide specialist flood defence services to our customers. Our expertise matched with our knowledge of the industry and experience, means we are able to offer a service package that is bespoke to each company we work with.

A soakaway in simple terms is a hole that is dug into the ground, filled with rubble and coarse stone, allowing surface water to percolate back into the earth, close to where it initially falls. Soakaway construction has a low impact on the environment but is a great drainage solution due to its use of few resources.

There are particular rules and regulations surrounding the replacement of soakaways, so before any work is carried out, we make sure that our plans adhere to these guidelines. In terms of materials, we lay pipework which is made of a solid material, it is generally laid at about a depth of 200mm to ensure contact between the effluent and the drainage stone and soil particles.

On top of this, rather like foundations, consideration needs to be taken into the type of ground and soil you are working with. The soil where the soakaway is planned must have good drainage properties. The whole point of this process is to reduce waterlogged areas and surface water. If you are looking for more information or to book another one of our services click here.

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