Foundations, Piling and Ring Beams, Concrete Bases

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The foundation of a structure is part of an architectural structure, which connects the structure to the ground, ensuring stability. They are generally considered either shallow or deep and can be created from using a number of different materials depending upon the ground that the new structure is built on.

Piling and ring beams are a method used to create the foundations for a structure. Ring beams are a method of support that is used to connect the separate walls together and increase the load capacity for the walls. The ring beams actually surround the foundation itself and the walls are then built upon the ring. Piling is also part of the essential support needed for any new structure. With Piling, you insert large amounts of steel, concrete or wood into the soil of the ground and the deep insertion of these materials ensures a sturdier base for your structure.

Concrete Bases are generally used for their durability; however they do tend to be more expensive. They consist of creating a base completely out of concrete to the particular size of the area you need to cover. They are a solid base for the construction of a new building.

The type of foundation you use is completely dependent upon the type of soil or ground you are building upon. If you are looking for more information or to book another one of our services click here.

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